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I welcome two new contributors to our on-line paper.  One you will be familiar with if you read our hard copy paper in the past.  She is Gwen Randall-Young, and award winning author and psychologist.
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Emerson-Franklin Regular Council Meeting
by Don Piett

The Municipality of Emerson-Franklin held their regular council meeting on May 14th.  Reeve Dave Carlson called the meeting to order at 9 am with councillors J Rodewald, B Lange, D Weiss, O Kuryk, B Grier, and T Dujlovic in attendance.

Council approved a dust control plan for municipal roads.  The plan approves a 60/40 cost sharing program with residents responsible for 60% of the cost in the amount of $400 for a 500 foot site.  Residents are responsible for additional cost in excess of 500 foot applications.  Applications for dust control to be received by May 31st.

The mowing tender for municipal road allowances was awarded to Watt Brothers Ltd for the 2024 season.

Council approved the purchase of a replacement heater and chemistry controller system for the Emerson Swimming Pool and playground equipment to complete the BSC grant project.

Councillor Jeff Rodewald was appointed the municipal representative to the Central Manitoba Tourism Board.

A $20,000 commitment over four years was approved for the Siene Rat Roseau Watershed District's Horseshoe Lake Retention Project.  The watershed district is undertaking a feasibility study and engineering work for the project.  Council's commitment would come into effect once the project is designed and approved to proceed.

During the recent fire ban, the Municipality incurred costs in fire protection and suppression operations.  Council approved invoices to collect a portion of the costs in the amount of $3,500 per incident as authorized under By-law No. 09-10(6.2). 
The By-law states that "6.2 Where a person is in contravention under this By-law, in addition to imposing a fine, the municipality is entitled to be reimbursed by the person(s) for costs incurred by the municipality in fire protection and suppression operations that were undertaken as a result of the person(s) acts or omissions that resulted in the costs to be incurred."

The council authorized the hiring of summer students to fill the Canada Summer Jobs and Green Team positions.

The meeting was adjourned at 12 pm. 

The next council meeting is a special meeting on May 21st.