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Emerson Senior Corner
by Cheryl Wichern

Woodmore Women's
Suite For Rent
Oakview Manor 55+
Emerson MB
2 bedroom with garage, A/C and elevator. 
Available starting April 2024
Call Dwayne at 204-809-4324

Save the Date
Municipality of Emerson Franklin Declares Fire Ban
Fire Ban & Fire Prevention
Due to extremely dry conditions, the Municipality of Emerson-Franklin has implemented a burn ban effective Friday April 12, 2024. Therefore all issued burn permits are being revoked.

Currently Fires in enclosed backyard fire pits are permitted and must be supervised at all times, however ratepayers are reminded to use caution and should not start a backyard fire in the approved pits if wind velocity is in excess of 10 mp/h or 16kmp/h.

The ban will be in place until conditions improve. Persons who contravene this ban and are found guilty of starting a fire may be subject to fine and penalties as per the Burning By-law 09-10.

Residents are asked to check the Municipal Website www.emersonfranklin.com, the Municipality of Emerson-Franklin Facebook page and the electronic billboard sign in Dominion City for up to date municipal news and Fire Ban status.
Fire Pit Requirements

(a) Any fire that is set in a fire pit or solid fuel appliance shall be enclosed on all sides and constructed of masonry, concrete, heavy gauge metal or other noncombustible materials.

(b) The fire pit or solid fuel appliance shall be covered with a noncombustible grate or mesh. If the fire pit or solid fuel appliance is equipped with a chimney, it shall have a noncombustible mesh or spark arrester installed.

(c) The fire pit or solid fuel appliance shall be located on a flat, level and noncombustible base clear of overhangs, such as roofs, tree branches, or utility wires.

(d) A minimum clearance of 15 feet, measured from the nearest fire pit edge is maintained from any structures or any combustibles (ie. fences, trees, hydro poles) and property lines.

(e) Solid fuel appliances shall be installed to manufacturer’s specifications with any required distance to a structure or combustible of at least 10 metres.

Fire Prevention
The Emerson Franklin Fire Department would like to reach out to everyone to remind, update and inform you about fire safety.

Wildfires spread faster when combustible materials are readily available. Leaving brush, leaves, grass clippings in the yard also increases the likelihood of wildfires.

Keeping everyones yards and campgrounds clean and safe helps reduce the spread of fires; Increases the likelihood of saving structures from a fire, Preventing injury to a person or a firefighter and Preventing the complete loss of control of a fire in the community