Inside the Dike
by Don Piett
Canada Day has come and gone, and what a day it was!
For the first time in a few years, it wasn't hot and sunny for the festivities.  In fact, heavy rains were predicted for the day and Emerson did receive 45 mm (about 1.8 inches) of rain that day.
The Emerson Festival Committee was very concerned with the weather forecast all week but had decided to wait until the day itself and see if the forecasters were right.  It was very obvious first thing in the morning that the weather was not going to allow our normal Canada Day events at the Emerson Park to proceed.
The committee, especially chairperson Kelly Johnson-Ihme, sprang into action and backup plans were put into action.   A phone call to the right person got permission to move the Beer Garden to the Emerson Community Complex.  This venue also housed the Cornhole competition, canteen, Day Care Supper and the three bands.
The gymnasium at the Emerson Elementary school was put into service for the dog show, bouncy houses, arrow tag and movie.  The Emerson Arena hosted the petting zoo and Reptile Show. 
Some events had to be cancelled like the climbing wall and foam party because they just didn't lend themselves to being inside.  The fireworks, a signature event at Canada Day, had to be postponed.  The festival committee will announce a new date for the fireworks.
The parade was held, in some pretty hard rain, but there it was still a good parade with more participants than some years.  There was no shortage of spectators, either in their cars or with umbrellas.
The music events were great, especially the evening group "Revenge of the Eighties". They had the dance floor full, and the place was rocking. After the band shut down, Big Show Productions and DJ Kurt kept the party going until midnight.
In short, it wasn't what we have come to expect on Canada Day, but it was still a good time.  Congratulations to the Emerson Festival Committee.  You really were handed lemons and made some pretty fine lemonade.  Well Done Everyone.